You Oughta Know About Flocabulary

Wow! I haven’t participated int his blog hop for a while! I love this blog hop because it was the first official blog hop that I ever participated in when I started my blog last year. I love being able to link up with other teachers and just share things that are going on in our classrooms. I have found so many great people and wonderful ideas through these blog hops and link ups and I am eternally grateful for my awesome teaching community!
Today, for “You Oughta Know” I am sharing a website that I totally love….
Flocabulary is an educational hip-hop site created in Brooklyn, NY. The topics on the site cover everything from reading literature, reading informational text, writing, science, social studies and life skills!  It has everything and more is being added on a consistent basis.
The lyrics are witty, funny, and current and the students are always interested in the words on the screen and the animations. They love being able to sing along to it. The best part is that they’re learning the entire time…and loving it!

When you first get into flocabulary, you can take a look at videos by subject. I spend a lot of time in Language Arts and Science! 

Once you’ve selected a subject, you can see all of the topics that are available in that subject. Here are some examples for science. WE’ve been watching the food chain video a lot lately.

Now, the good part doesn’t end with the video…even that’s super cool all by itself. The site has a review that you can do. That pops up questions like a slideshow and you can pause to have the students answer them. Then, you can print the lyrics and have students fill in the blanks to see what they’re retaining.  The activity is great and it breaks down the topics further by using graphic organizers or visuals. The quiz is the culminating activity for the project and is great for a quick check.  There are key words and topic descriptions too so you can support students in understanding the material that’s being covered.
Now, this website does have a small fee but in my opinion (and teacher’s budget), it’s well worth it! I tried out the free trial at first and I was hooked. I can’t imagine my day without Flocabulary now!
They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch some of their videos. You won’t have access to any of the activities with it but it’s a great thing to watch if you’re looking for some great multimedia sources to add to your lessons!!
Check out their YouTube channel here.
Here’s a starter video for your viewing pleasure!!