Year-long Planning Email Challenge

take the 3-day challenge and learn how to create an effective year-long plaN

The simple answer to helping you go from running out of time and cramming in all your standards last minute to giving every unit the time it deserves and covering all your standards without stress…in just 3 days.

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What’s Covered?

Day 1

Learn why having a solid yearlong plan is essential for success, what you need to do before outlining your yearlong plan, and access your yearlong planning guide.

Day 2

Learn how to break your school year down into instructional blocks of time, outline the content that you need to fit in throughout the year, and create your content wish list.

Day 3

Learn how to make all of the pieces fit inside of your yearlong plan, troubleshoot common planning problems, and learn what the next steps are for implementing your plan.

“This 3 Day Challenge is exactly what I needed!

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in just three days! I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose after ending the school year on a stressful note. So, I decided to jump right in. I finally feel like I’m going to start next school year with a solid plan that will keep me on track.. Everyone needs to jump in on this training!” -Katie J.


The simple answer to helping you go from flying by the seat of your pants to implementing with intention in just 3 days.

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