Use Digital Math Games for Engaging Test Prep

It’s crunch time!

You’re cramming in those last few standards while trying your best to keep your students’ attention. Student engagement is low, your patience is thin, and end-of-grade testing is in two weeks.  

You’re feeling the pressure of test-taking season and I can totally relate! I’m right there with you!  My students want to do any and everything other than focus on content standards. So one day recently I brainstormed ways to get my students thinking about math instead of the playground. ? 

One of my ideas was to use Digital Math Games in my classroom.  Instead of trying to create some grand ideas for test prep, I decided to take my students’ interests and run with it.  They LOVE technology so why not use that to my advantage?  I figured I could take the standards that they need to practice, make some fun, colorful themed math games, and release some of the pressure that I was feeling related to end-of-grade test prep.

Besides the fact that your students will enjoy these engaging activities, there are three main advantages to using Digital Math Games to help with test prep in your classroom. You can put students on custom paths, create opportunities for cooperative learning, and build fact fluency. Let’s chat a little more about those benefits. 

Custom Paths

No two students are alike. (I don’t need to tell you that!?) And that means the students in your classroom are all over the place with their abilities and strengths.  That also translates to varying levels of need within your classroom.  

The great thing about these Digital Math Games is that you can put your students on a custom path for review.  Each child can be assigned to start with a particular game based on their needs so that they actually practice in the areas where they need support.  Students can move through games independently and progress at their own rate. 

Cooperative Learning

Collaborative opportunities for learning and reviewing math lead to a deeper understanding of skills and improve students’ abilities to think critically. That’s why providing students with chances to work cooperatively in your classroom is always a win!

With Digital Math Games, students can team up to complete games in groups or pairs.  This allows students who are struggling with a concept to get extra support with skills they need while they review and practice.  Plus, it gives proficient students an opportunity to talk through the process of solving problems, which further deepens their own understanding of concepts.  

Fact Fluency

Are your students becoming skilled in math strategies but still struggling with recall of basic math facts?  Lack of math fact fluency can slow students down and really cause frustration. 

Digital Math Games provide a fun and easy way for students to build this essential skill.  Fact fluency can be improved when playing these engaging math games. These improvements will lead to better student participation and confidence. (Which ultimately will help them feel more prepared for their end-of-grade tests too!)

Digital Math Games are helpful tools that allow you to put students on custom paths, engage in cooperative learning, and improve fact fluency. I don’t know about you but I’m glad I have these games to take some of the pressure off me and ensure that I provide engaging opportunities for students to participate in test prep!