Top Tips for an Easy Valentine’s Day at School

Students love to have classroom parties at school, but they can quickly become chaotic. Between the excitement of the students and how much planning there is for the teacher, classroom celebrations can be exhausting. Additionally, it can be hard to give up valuable class time to celebrate every holiday. However, these top tips for an easy Valentine’s Day at school will ensure students are having fun in an organized environment. 

  1. Valentine Day Card Organization 

It is important to have a conversation with students beforehand about the celebration. They need to know it will not be taking place the entire day, but that the special day will be embedded in the regular classroom lessons. Students should keep their valentine cards in their backpacks upon arrival. The morning requires teachers to submit attendance, lunch counts, check folders, and begin morning work. Due to how much there is to do, keeping the cards in the backpack will help ensure students have a smooth start to their day. 

  1. Valentine Day Celebration on the Schedule 

Many times, students work best when they follow a routine and schedule. This is why students typically learn their subjects in the same order each day. It will be important to have the time to exchange valentine cards clearly labeled on the board. By doing this, the teacher will not be asked multiple times when it is occurring and students will know when this portion of the celebration will happen. Whether you have a visual schedule board or have it written out with words, it will greatly help to add this special time to the schedule for the day. You can find other fun Valentine’s ideas on this blog post

  1. Keep the Class Informed

Even with posting the exchange on the board, students are going to be very excited and anxious. It is important to acknowledge and work with this excitement versus becoming overwhelmed or upset at the class. To help keep the students in an excited yet calm environment, review the day’s schedule throughout the day. This will help students see what has passed already and how many more things they will do before it is time to pass out their valentine’s cards. This will be similar to the New Year’s Eve countdown that students may have celebrated a few weeks before. Students will love having their teacher countdown Valentine’s Day celebration with them! 

  1. Valentine’s Day Themed Content Lessons 

Teachers know that every minute in the classroom is vital. By using Valentine’s Day themed content lessons, students will be excited and engaged. This Valentine’s Day Factor Math Practice is a great way to embed learning into a holiday celebration. It is also free! Students will practice finding the factor of a number, the least common multiple of two numbers, and the greatest common factor of two numbers. The pages also pair perfect with candy hearts in order to bring a bit of celebration into the math lesson!

  1. Organized Celebration

Now that students have completed the academic portion of the day, it is time to start the celebration! However, it is important to keep the class organized and structured to keep everyone safe and happy. Begin by playing a movie with every single child sitting at the carpet. Once everyone is sitting, call on 5 or so students at a time to pass out their valentines. While each group is doing this, the remainder of the class is engaged by watching the movie. If timed perfectly, students will finish the movie as it is time to pack up. Students will return to their desk, pack up their items, and head home to read their valentines and enjoy their sugary treats! 

With the 5 suggestions above, Valentine’s Day is going to be a blast for students! They will continue to learn throughout the day while looking forward to a fun celebration before heading home. While at home, they will be able to sort through all of their valentine’s cards and look forward to seeing their classmates the following day.