Tissue Paper Ornaments for Preschoolers

Making ornaments is one of my favorite things to do with my daughter during the holiday season. I see all of those magazine worthy Christmas trees, but nothing beats our Christmas tree that is full of ornaments that we have made together. Even toddlers and preschoolers can make ornaments for the tree. Plus, this tissue paper ornament has added developmental benefits for little ones. 

Tissue Paper Ornaments For Preschoolers 

Supplies Needed:

Two colors of tissue paper
Construction Paper
Clear Contact Paper
Pipe Cleaner or Ribbon

This ornament has a few different parts, all simple but equally beneficial.

The first step is to cut the tissue paper. Tissue paper is easy to cut.
Kids can cut them in any shape that they would like, we did square-ish shapes.

Cut the construction paper into a shaped frame. We did an oval, but you could do whichever shape you would like. We started by cutting out the main shape and then cutting the inside out. We did two of these frames at once so they were the same.

Next, cut a piece of contact paper that is bigger than the frame and place one of the frames onto the contact paper.

Next kids can take their pieces of tissue paper and stick them onto the contact paper. I tried to help my kids keep the tissue paper inside the frame, it clearly didn’t work but it turned out anyways.

Once you have filled the inside of the frame with the tissue paper, place the second frame on top. Press a second piece of contact paper, sticky side touching sticky side of original piece, and seal it off.

Next, cut the excess contact paper off from around the frame.

Cut a hole for the ribbon or pipe cleaner and attach it to the ornament.

You can also use a permanent marker to write on the outside of the ornament. You could do designs or just simply the child’s name and the year. 

Not only do you now have a beautiful, handmade Christmas ornament, this was beneficial for your child to make.

They strengthened scissor skills as well as fine motor skills. Fine motor skills were strengthened by picking up and sticking the tissue paper. This seems simple, but the muscles that were strengthened are needed for future skills such as zipping a zipper, tying shoes, and more.

An additional note: Since these are so fun and easy to make, if your kids make extra – these ornaments make great gifts for grandparents, teachers, or friends!