Tissue Paper Heart Craft for Kids

I absolutely love doing holiday-themed crafts with my daughter. It is fun to fill the house with her handmade creations each time the season or holiday changes! I also like to take things ‘out of the box’ and do them differently than the norm. I try to mix up how we make our crafts and this Tissue Paper Painted Heart is a perfect example!

How adorable is this Valentine’s Day craft? You can make the same effect using watercolor paints, but this tissue paper technique is different and so much fun! 

You’ll need:

  • Printable Heart Template
  • Red Tissue Paper
  • Spray Bottle with Water In It

Printable Tissue Paper Heart Craft Template:

Tissue Paper Heart Instructions:

The first thing to do is to print out the heart template above. If you don’t have a printer, you can simply draw a heart on a piece of paper.

Cut up the tissue paper into smaller pieces. They don’t have to be perfect and actually, this is a perfect time for children to practice with scissors. 

Place the tissue paper inside the heart on the piece of paper. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect.

Once all of the tissue paper is on, spray the tissue paper with water. Don’t drown it, but it needs to be saturated.

After a few minutes you can pull up the tissue paper and the white paper underneath will look as if it was a watercolor painting.

Cut the heart from the paper and now you have an adorable Valentine’s Day craft.

This is perfect for adding to a piece of paper and addressing it to someone as a Valentine’s Day card or using it as a tag on a Valentine’s Day gift.

This would be an easy option for a classroom craft or at home.

Alternatively, you could add different colors of tissue paper to make it more colorful or look multidimensional. Kids can use this to help feed their creativity and make their hearts look their own. 

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