Thanksgiving Day Placemats for Preschoolers & Kids

Who else is excited about Thanksgiving? Family, friends, and of course food! This also means that we are probably searching for ways to keep our kids entertained while we cook. Printables always have a place at the table too. Not next to the turkey but in front of each child. They will love these Turkey Day Printable Activities!

Turkey Day Placemat Printables

It is no secret that cooking Thanksgiving dinner can take up quite a bit of time. Kids can help, but most likely they won’t want to help the WHOLE time. You can keep them in the kitchen, though, with these fun placemats full of Thanksgiving-inspired activities.

The set includes three different printables. Each one is different.

The first is a turkey coloring page. It is great for younger children or children who like things more on the simple side.

The second is a fall-themed coloring page plus an “I Spy” type activity. Kids can color all of the leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Then when they are all done coloring, they can count the acorns and answer the question of “How many acorns can you see?”.

The third is the most complex. Not hard by any means, there is just more to them. Included is a turkey they can color, tic tac toe games, a few Thanksgiving-themed jokes (the answers are upside down on the bottom of the page), and bubble letters to color. Also included are two spaces for children to write. In the first square, they can create a list of things they are thankful for. The second writing space is a place to write about their favorite Thanksgiving food. Children can also draw the answer too. 

Not only will these printables help keep your children occupied while you cook and set up for dinner, it is helping them learn. All of the activities included on these printables, while they are fun, they are also beneficial for little brains! 

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