Sticky Yarn Snowflakes Winter Craft for Kids

It is officially winter. In some places the snowflakes are falling, creating piles and piles of snow that will quickly turn into snowmen. Then in other places, it’s not snowing at all and there is no snow in the forecast either.

No matter where you live, it is fun to create and decorate with snowflake crafts! This snowflake craft is not your average craft, though. It’s pretty magical. It even helps kids strengthen critical fine motor skills.

A craft, fine motor activity, and magic all in one. 

This craft is simple enough that children of all ages can create it. I have created a few different templates that vary in level of challenge.

Younger children can work with a simple template, while older children can be inspired by a more intense template.

The supplies you’ll need for this winter craft for kids can simply be found at the dollar store or craft stores.

Supplies You’ll need: 

  • Light Blue Yarn
  • Contact Paper
  • Scissors
  • Printable Templates

We used light blue yarn, but you could also use white, silver, sparkly or whatever color you choose.

Creating the Sticky Yarn Snowflake Craft

Start this snowflake craft by printing out the template of choice.

Cut around the snowflake. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it was easier for us to know how much contact paper was needed when the paper wasn’t full size.

Cut pieces of the yarn. This is a great time for children to get scissor practice in because the lengths of the yarn do not have to be exact or measured.

Leave the back of the contact paper on for now and cut to the size you need.

Place the snowflake template on the table and put the contact paper, backing side up, over the snowflake template.

Peel up the contact paper backing, the sticky side should be face up.

Optional Tip: For younger children, it might be necessary to tape the contact paper onto the table so that it doesn’t move around. With my daughter, we didn’t need to, but if you do, painter’s tape or clear tape would work perfectly. 

Once the contact paper is ready, start placing pieces of the yarn onto the sticky part of the contact paper, following the lines on the template.

As you can see, it does not have to be perfect but if your child messes up and wants to reposition the yarn, this can be done. The contact paper is very forgiving! 

Once all of the lines are covered with pieces of yarn, your snowflake craft is done. You can place it anywhere in your home that you would like. Mirrors, walls, picture frames, etc.

We chose to put ours on one of the front windows in our home. The yarn snowflakes can be enjoyed from the inside and the outside of our home this way! 

The contact paper can be easily removed from any surface without leaving sticky residue. 

This craft was so fun to make and the results are absolutely beautiful.

Extra ideas:

  • You could throw some glitter onto the contact paper to make the snowflakes even more sparkly.
  • Use a variety of different colors to either make multiple snowflakes or even multiple colors on one snowflake.
  • If you don’t have access to yarn, you can use the same process with pieces of paper, pipe cleaner, pom poms, etc.

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