Snowman Counting Mat Free Download

There isn’t much that’s more fun than building a snowman on a super snowy day, right? Followed by hot chocolate, of course, but the snowman building is the greatest! This is the inspiration behind this snowman counting mat free download for preschoolers. The theme will encourage kids to play with this learning game and will strengthen a variety of skills.

Snowman Counting Mats

Grab some cotton balls or white pom poms and print this set, then you can get started! 

The pom poms or cotton balls represent snowballs, which is why I suggested white. They do not have to be white though. If you have pink or red or blue- that works too! You could also use beads, mini erasers, playdough, or even sequins. Whatever you have is sufficient, I promise!

I printed these counting mats on card stock, but this isn’t necessary. If you are choosing to laminate, you can definitely just print on printer paper. I like laminating activities like this to help keep the life of the activity safe. An alternative, though, is dry erase pockets. You can slide the activity page into the pocket and it will be kept safe. 

Kids will have so much fun with these counting mats. The snowmen are just too cute and it can be a fast-paced activity, if your kids want it that way.

The best part for me, though, is that it is so beneficial. Kids will be strengthening a ton of skills, all while they are having fun!

Kids can strengthen skills that are necessary for their future including:

Each counting mat has a number listed. This is the number that the children should focus on for this page. Before they start adding the pom poms, they can practice counting to that number.

1:1 Correspondence
Picking up and placing down the pom poms, or other manipulatives, is helping with 1:1 correspondence. As they count to each number and add the pom pom, this is showing a visual representation of that number

Number Words
I included the number word at the bottom of the page. This may be too advanced for some children, and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the word and showing them how to sound it out or reviewing the letters of the word.

Fine Motor Skills
Picking up and placing down the pom poms, or other manipulatives, is a fantastic way to strengthen fine motor skills. They will be using their pincer grasp muscles, which is crucial for their future.

Comparing Numbers
You can leave completed mats out on the table, while they work on the next. This is great for comparing the two numbers. If they finished 1 first, then 2- you can explain how they are different and this will help children visually see it.

Alternate Ideas:

You can have the children trace the number and number word, if you laminate. Laminating allows you to use dry erase markers on the sheets. If you aren’t going to laminate, you could ask the child to write the number on a separate piece of paper.

Add in gross motor skills by asking kids to do a funny ‘snowman’ walk for each number on the mat. If they are on number 7, take 7 funny snowman steps.