Roll & Race Christmas Dice Math Game

I’m always looking for fun ways that I can get my students engaged in math practice during the holidays. Well, that’s exactly what this Santa Roll & Race Dice Math Game is!

There always seem to be 100 different interruptions to our schedule this time of the year and it can be hard to fit in a full math lesson every day of the week.

Plus, can we talk about all those random 10-15 minute chunks of time that are left behind because of all of the schedule changes?

It can be so hard to use those little chunks of time productively and keep your sanity in check.

This roll & race Santa dice game was created as the perfect time-filler activity. Whether your students finished their lesson early, they just need a little break from the academics, or you have a weird chunk of time to fill, your students are going to love this game!

How to Play the Roll & Race Santa Dice Game

Goal: Be the first player to get Santa to the chimney to deliver the presents!

Step 1:

Print and cut out the game boards. You will need one for each player, some colored markers, and two dice. There are color and black-and-white options to fit your printing needs.

Step 2:

Take turns to roll the dice and add up the score to give you three possible numbers to mark off (e.g. a roll of 2+3 would allow you to cross off either 2, 3, or 5).

Step 3:

Mark off your number by tracing over it, or younger children could color in the brick.

Step 4:

Players get one roll per turn, so if you have already marked off all the possible numbers shown on the dice, pass on to the next player.

Step 5:

Continue to play in this way. The first person to mark off all their numbers is the winner.

I hope you and your students have tons of fun playing this Christmas roll & race dice math game!