Parrot Tissue Paper Roll Craft for Kids

I am probably in far too many moms groups on Facebook. Please tell me that I am not the only one! One thing comes up repeatedly in these groups that I am in…moms are looking for fun TP roll crafts that they can do with their kids. So, here’s the answer to that request!

This parrot tissue paper roll craft is the perfect craft for indoor or outdoor decor and uses feathers which provide for a unique sensory experience while creating this craft.

Grab your supplies and get ready for this fun craft! Make sure you also check out my peacock tissue paper roll craft so you can create this cute parrot and peacock duo below.

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Supply List: 

  • Empty tissue paper (TP) Roll
  • Foam or Construction Paper 
  • Paint Pens or Markers 
  • Craft Eyes 
  • Craft Feathers
  • Hot Glue 


  • Cut foam or construction paper to size and glue around the entire tissue paper roll. 
  • Glue the craft eyes onto the tp roll parrot.
  • Cut a small paper triangle for the parrot’s nose and attach it just below the eyes.
  • Use paint pens or markers to decorate the parrot as desired.

Arrange & attach the craft feathers at the head (glue inside roll) and tail (glue from behind roll) with hot glue.

  • Your feathered friend is complete!

Now that your peacock tissue paper roll craft is complete, you can keep it inside or you can find the perfect spot to decorate outdoors. After all, who wouldn’t love walking through the neighborhood and seeing these beautiful birds out and about?