Mini Marshmallow Name Activity

The first word that many children learn how to spell and write is typically their own name. This is the most important word in the world, to each child. Learning how to spell and write it will be a super exciting moment in their lives, especially when it involves marshmallows.

This Mini Marshmallow Name Practice is going to be your kids’ favorite winter activity! 

Writing Name Practice Mini Marshmallows

There are variations that your kids can do with this activity but they all involve the same supplies.


Mini Marshmallows
Construction Paper 

If your children are just learning how to write letters, you can write their name on the piece of construction paper. If they are capable of writing, they can do it. The name should be written in large letters and the letters spaced apart from each other.

Next, trace one letter at a time with glue. We used white glue, but a glue stick may work too.

Cover the letter with the mini marshmallows.

Once one letter is done, move onto the rest until all letters are covered with mini marshmallows. 

Not only is this activity excellent, and tasty, for practicing names but it is also a great exercise for strengthening fine motor skills. The motion of picking up the marshmallow with two fingers is strengthening the pincer grasp. This is important for the muscles that are needed for zipping a zipper, tying shoes and eating. 

Alternative Ideas: 

This can be done with other designs, besides names. This could be done with sight words, shapes, or scenes in general: think snowman on a snowy hill.

When they are done covering the letters of their name with marshmallows, ask them to count how many marshmallows were used in each letter. Each letter can be compared to the others. Depending on counting skills, you could ask the child to count all of the marshmallows in their name.