Halloween Sugar Cone Activity for Kids

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this Halloween that doesn’t involve trick-or-treating? You’re going to love this Halloween Sugar Cone Activity for Kids.

Where I live, we tend to get hit with cold and rainy weather on Halloween, and heading outdoors with my daughter for the night is not high on my list of enjoyable family memories. However, I always try to make the day special and carve out some time for us to just hang out together and have fun.

This year, we’re trying out something new. This activity is based around decorating a sugar cone and helps your child express their creativity while celebrating Halloween in a way that’s fun for kids of all ages.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sugar Cones
  • White Frosting
  • Black Sparkle Gel Icing
  • Various Halloween Sprinkles of Your Choice
A picture of the supplies needed for the Halloween Sugar Cone Activity.


  • Spread white frosting over the entire sugar cone.
  • With the black sparkle gel, make 4 squiggly lines, equal distance apart, from the base of the cone all the way to the the tip.
  • Lightly spread the black around the entire cone for sparkly depth of color.
  • Press the sprinkles into the cone in desired locations. Have fun and be creative!

The Halloween Sugar Cone will make a great Halloween table centerpiece for your family events. You can also use this as a fun family activity for groups of all sizes.