Fun Ways to Help Your Preschooler Learn Letters

Learning letters can be stressful! First, there are 26 different letters to learn. Second, there are 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters, so everything can get confusing. Third, letters can look a lot like gibberish when learning them, so it takes patience and practice. Due to the complexity of learning letters, The Toddler Lab is here to help! There are so many fun ways to help your preschooler learn letters in a natural, creative, stress-free environment. 

1. Read LOTS of Books

When helping your preschooler learn letters, the power of books is indescribable. Books expose children to so many letters, words, and sentences. Therefore, preschoolers will start to see letters in the uppercase and lowercase format. There are even books that teach one letter per page, such as words that start with the letter A. Additionally, there are often cute illustrations that will help preschoolers stay engaged with the book. Children will love seeing an alligator while learning about the letter A! 

2. Teach the Letters in their Name 

One of the first words students will write is their name. Therefore, letters in your little one’s name is the perfect place to start! Children are going to be exposed to these letters again and again, so it makes sense to gain comfort with these before progressing. Furthermore, preschoolers will be excited to learn more about the name they hear said so often. 

3. Play with an Alphabet Puzzle 

When preschoolers learn the ABCs, there are many ways to bring in fine motor skills. Alphabet puzzles are a great way to practice these skills while playing. Melissa and Doug even make a great puzzle that says the letters as the pieces go in. This is a great way for children to hear another voice say the different letters. 

4. Sing the ABCs

Preschoolers often love to sing and dance. Hence, this is the perfect time to bring in letters. Some children will sing the alphabet while playing with toys while others like to when brushing their teeth. There is no right or wrong time to sing and dance! Even better, preschoolers will be so engaged that they won’t realize how much learning is occurring. 

5. Build Letters with Playdough 

Playdough can create hours of fun! Thus, it is a great incentive to use when teaching preschoolers their letters. Since learning letters is still new, it may help to demonstrate how to build letters. Then, children can follow your lead! 

6. ABC Mat 

When learning something new, exposure is always a huge help. Hence, put an ABC mat in the toy area. These mats often have large, tactile letters of the alphabet. Therefore, this will help ensure preschoolers see learning letters as a form of play. 

7. Alphabet Sensory Bag/Bin 

While learning individual letters, it will be helpful to create hands-on activities.. Thus, put each letter of the alphabet in a sensory bin or bag. Then, have children search for the letters. As an extension, children can even put the letters in the correct order. 

8. Build Letters with Pipe Cleaners 

Pipe cleaners are bendy and twisty, which makes them a great item to practice building letters. Students will be able to focus on the letters versus how to hold a pencil or write on paper. Thus, this is a great first step to use when learning the alphabet. 

Preschoolers are being exposed to so many skills they need to learn. Therefore, they can become stressed and overwhelmed. However, with these tips, learning letters will be fun and engaging! 
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