Fun St. Patrick’s Day Math Games for Upper Elementary

Whenever there is a holiday, students are naturally more excited. Due to this, they may be a bit louder and need more reminders to focus. However, this does not always have to be the case. By embedding holidays into the classroom activities, students will be excited and focused on the lessons.

These fun St. Patricks’ Day math games for upper elementary will ensure learning is still occurring on such a festive holiday! Rounding Decimals and Comparing and Ordering Decimals will be exciting St. Patrick’s Day math lessons when playing SCOOT! 

SCOOT Games 

When planning math games, SCOOT is the perfect one to pick! SCOOT is a whole-class game that will get students moving. Specifically, a question card will be placed on each desk. Then, students will move around answering the questions. Additionally, when it is time to move, the teacher will shout, “SCOOT!” When this happens, students will move to the next desk. Therefore, students will be getting energy out by moving all around. More importantly, they are able to focus on the content. Hence, SCOOT is the perfect way to incorporate fun and content. Similarly, the below activities are also family-friendly. This means that they can be sent home for parents who want extra practice. However, they can also be sent home for students who are learning at home! 

Rounding Decimals

This SCOOT set has 40 open-ended problems that cover rounding decimals. Specifically, students will work on decimals from the tens place to the thousandths. Moreover, the problems range in complexity. Therefore, the teacher can select questions to use for different students in the classroom. In addition, the resource contains everything needed. From the questions, recording sheet, and answer key, everything is here! In order to tie in St. Patrick’s Day, each card contains themed clip art. To motivate students, there are also 2 different certificate options included. Parents will be so happy to see their child master the content! 

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

This SCOOT set also has 40 open-ended problems that cover comparing and ordering decimals. Specifically, students will be working to the thousandths place. Similar to the previous set, the problems also range in complexity. Therefore, teachers can select the ones that are most appropriate for their students. The questions, recording sheet, and answer key ensure SCOOT is quick and easy to implement! Likewise, the fun St. Patrick’s Day clip art will help incorporate the holiday festivities into the content. Of course, 2 different certificates are also included!

Scoot is an incredible way to encourage movement! It helps students who need a little extra time to wiggle during the day. Also, it is easy and simple to implement in the classroom. Even better, it results in so much fun and learning at the same time! Rounding Decimals and Comparing and Ordering Decimals will be lessons that students never forget when practiced through SCOOT! 

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