Easy Snowflake Craft for Preschoolers

I am all for easy crafts. Easy crafts that don’t take forever but take longer than 1 minute. This Easy Snowflake Craft is super simple but can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Plus there isn’t much mess. It doesn’t have to take forever but kids can customize their own snowflakes over and over.

Easy Snowflake Craft 2 Ways

There are two ways that we made these snowflakes. The second just happened. It wasn’t planned but it turned out beautiful!

Supplies Needed:

  • Blue and White Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Easy Snowflake Craft #1

We started by cutting white strips for the base of the snowflake.

Next we cut both blue and white construction paper into squares or rectangles.

Each snowflake needs 5 strips and a handful of blue and white squares.

Take the white strips and glue them in place. It is like a plus sign and then an x, and then glue together.

Once those are in place and the snowflake is formed, you can start gluing on the colors. This is a great time to explore patterns with preschoolers. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order, kids can be creative on their own, but it is a super simple way to introduce practice pattern making!

Once all the squares are glued on, you can let it dry.

Easy Snowflake Craft #2

The second type of snowflake starts out with the same base but is designed a tad bit different.

We had the blue and white squares cut out and my daughter got a little irritated about something (unrelated) and crinkled up one of the papers. Um, Glue That On! She looked confused as to why I wasn’t upset for ruining the paper, but I showed her how cool it looks.

It adds texture and an added element of design that the flat paper doesn’t. It is so fun! So we sat there and crinkled up the paper then glued it onto the snowflake.

I can’t decide which one I like better! 

While this is an easy and fun craft, it also helps children learn. This craft develops creativity in a deep way, for kids. They are able to design their snowflake how they want.

Fine motor skills are also strengthened through cutting, gluing and placing the paper on the snowflake. Plus of course crumpling up the paper too!

Alternative Ideas:

  • Add a string to each snowflake and hang on a Christmas tree, in front of windows, or make a garland with it. 
  • Use other colors besides white and blue. There is nothing wrong with a red and green, or rainbow snowflake, if that is what children are inspired to do!