Countdown to Christmas Chain Craft

When I was a kid, I loved creating countdown chains. I created them for just about everything. The last day of school, a fun trip, etc. Those memories inspired this fun Countdown to Christmas Chain craft.

I hope that you have a ton of fun creating this with your child and counting down the days until Christmas.

Supply List:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Construction and/or Foam Paper
  • Markers or Paint Pens
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch 
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Craft Pom Poms (optional)
  • Craft Eyes (optional)
  • Ribbon or String (optional)


  1. Cut construction paper to size and cover TP roll completely.

2. Cut out your desired tree topper shape/design and decorate however you’d like. This is a great time to practice shapes, colors, and counting with your child.

3. Glue topper to the TP roll.

4. Using the construction paper, cut out 24 equal size strips for the countdown chain.

5. Decorate each strip with markers or paint pens. 

6. Glue the first chain link to the bottom of the topper as shown.

7. Loop through and glue all additional strips to form the remainder of the countdown to Christmas chain.

8. Use the hole puncher, or the tip of the scissors, to make a small hole on either side of the top portion of the topper.

9. Run the pipe cleaner through the holes and twist the ends to make the hanger for the top of the countdown to Christmas chain.

10. Hang the chain where desired, and remove one chain link at the end of each day.

When you reach the topper, Christmas is here!

Using this Countdown to Christmas chain will help your child understand how many days are left until Christmas and it makes a great counting activity as each day passes. Plus, it’ll look great as part of your holiday decor and give your child ownership over the decorating process.

I’d love to see pictures of your chains! Tag me on Instagram so that I can see all of your awesome creations.

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