Color Games for Kids – Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

My daughter is obsessed with scavenger hunts. It started with searching for Easter Eggs a few years ago, now she wants everything turned into a scavenger hunt. Can you blame her though? Searching is exciting! The finding is exciting and of course, the element of surprise is exciting. So what better way to help kids work on learning and identifying colors than with a scavenger hunt?!

Kids will learn their colors visually by being told what color something is when they see it. Since repetition is the key to learning, it’s important to do many color activities so they can learn what each color is. 

This scavenger hunt also helps kids strengthen gross motor skills, which are crucial for walking, balancing, and more.

What’s Included:

In this scavenger hunt set, we included everything you need:

  • Color Mat
  • B&W Named Color Mat 
  • Colorful Splats 

Setting up the Scavenger Hunt:

There are two degrees of challenge for this activity, within the mats. If your child is just being introduced to colors and needing extra help identifying them, the color mat is probably your best bet.

If your child is ready for a challenge and can read color words, the black and white mat is great for them. It will not give away what the color is unless they read it. 

How To Play: 

Cut out all of the color splats. We did not cut just the splat out, but instead cut a square around each splat.

Tape or hide the splates around the room or house. You could even go outdoors and do this. 

As children run around and find the splats, they will bring them back to match the right spot on the mat. You could ask them to only do one at a time (this might be helpful to keep the chaos under control) or you can ask them to find as many as they can in 30 seconds. You can really play this in whatever way works best for you. Just have fun!

Prepping this activity is as simple as printing and making a few cuts. You could also laminate, but you don’t have to. 

Switch It Up 

Another great idea is to use the same mat, but use the splat colors as the game piece. You turn the splat cards face down on a table and draw one. Once it is drawn, the child will run and find something in the house or outside that matches the splat color then bring it back and set it on the color mat.

You could also use the cards to determine which color to use when playing I Spy.

There are so many possibilities for these fun color scavenger hunt mats!