5 Things to Teach Your Toddler and How to Do It!

Have you ever asked yourself What do toddlers need to know? There is just so much for little ones to learn, so it can be tough learning where to start. So,  The Toddler Lab is here to offer 5 things to teach your toddler and how to do it! The Toddler Lab works to combine fun and academics. This helps the whole family can enjoy these precious years! 

1. Teach Your Toddler About Their Name

When beginning to teach your toddler, it can be helpful to start at something they are used to hearing. Therefore, their name works great!

Here are my top tips for teaching your toddler to spell their name.

  1. It can help to display their name around the house. It is always nice for toddlers to see their names written out.
  2. Talk to them about each letter in their name when one of the visuals is around. By doing this, toddlers will start to remember the letters they so often see and hear.
  3. Spell the toddler’s name out loud together. Some toddlers may like to say the letters while others may like to use a singsong voice.
  4. Fingerpaint their name. This is such a fun activity that will teach toddlers how to write each letter.
  5. Build their name with fun materials, such as marshmallows. Toddlers will have so much fun learning how to spell and say their name! 

2. Teach Your Toddler to Count 

There are opportunities to practice counting all over the house! However, before starting, it is important to know it’s okay if toddlers can’t count in order. This skill will come over time.

In the beginning stages of counting, it is really about learning numbers. To do this, talk about daily activities and count them. Here are examples of ways that you can teach your toddler to count.

  1. Count buttons on a jacket as you button them
  2. Count the eggs in the egg carton when you take them out
  3. Count each arm and leg as they get dressed

By doing these activities, your little one will see how important counting is. 

3. Teach Your Toddler About Colors 

Just like counting, colors are all around! They are so important to learn as they help toddlers express their needs and desires.

Here are some great tips for helping your toddler learn about colors.

  1. Use a different color marker to write with. For example, the toddler’s name can be written in different colors. Then, after practicing letters, the colors can be practiced.
  2. Draw objects on paper with different colors and then talk about the colors used.
  3. Name the color of items your little one is playing with. For example, if playing with a pretend kitchen, talk about the different colors of foods. Or, involve the environment, such as by asking for a green bowl.
  4. Name the color of clothing, signs in the store, or anything around your environment.
  5. Use finger paint to play with and learn colors.
  6. Get bath crayons or bath soap finger paint and identify the colors as they are used.

4. Social Skills

Toddlers love to be social and make friends! However, it is so important to learn social skills in order to treat others nicely.

First, it is important to practice saying please and thank you. This can be incorporated throughout the day when asking for items and receiving something. It may take several reminders for “the magic words,” but toddlers will pick it up with repetition!

Second, sharing and taking turns are both vital skills to learn. To practice, play turn-taking games or role play scenarios your little one may experience. By doing this, toddlers are learning these skills through real-life situations. 

5. Self-Regulation 

Toddlers are not used to experiencing a whole range of emotions. Therefore, self-regulation is so important to learn and practice.

To do this, work on learning how to control the body and behavior. Games, such as Simon Says, Freeze Dance, or Red Light Green Light are great ways to do this! Students will be smiling as they learn how to control what they are doing. 

When wondering what things to teach your toddler, these 5 skills are a great place to start. They are all so important to learn and take some practice to really master.

Additionally, all of these activities can be involved with play-based activities. Toddlers will have so much fun learning!