10 Experience-Based Gifts for Kids and Families

As we enter the busy holiday season, people are often scrambling on what to buy kids and family members. You may find yourself asking, “Does this child really need another toy?” or “Does my father-in-law actually want another tie?”

However, gifting does not necessarily have to mean an item to open or unwrap. Experiences can be gifted that will create so many memories for people to remember throughout their entire life. Check out my list of the top 10 experience-based gifts for kids and families!

Subscription Boxes

These days, there’s a subscription box for just about everything. You can have healthy meals, make-up boxes, snacks from around the world, toys and so much more delivered right to your doorstep every month. One way to get your children off the screen and engaged in their learning is a subscription box. 

A monthly subscription box is a perfect gift to create long-lasting memories! Kids will be so excited to receive their monthly delivery. The Toddler Lab is a wonderful way for your child to learn, play, and explore the environment around them. There are a number of subscription boxes that are sure to engage your child. 

The Toddler Lab has the perfect box for preschool and kindergarten ages! It comes with 4-5 activities each month in addition to all the materials and instructions that are needed. The Toddler Lab is a monthly subscription box that will send you ready-to-go activities to entertain and teach your children. 

Here’s what you’ll get in each box:

– 4-5 activities each month

– All materials needed to successfully complete the activity

– Instructions for each project

– Suggestions for using the activity to support your child’s developmental needs

– Printable educational materials

Love doing hands-on activities with your toddler or preschooler but you don’t have time to plan it all out? The Toddler Lab is a monthly subscription box that provides everything for you and makes learning time fun and easy! Sign up now to get on their waitlist and be the first to receive exclusive offers and activities.

 The Toddler Lab will help you engage with them in a way that’s instrumental to their expanding intelligence, social, and emotional growth. Get ready for some educational play!

Zoo Membership

A yearly zoo membership is about the cost of one and a half visits! If you know kids who love nature and seeing animals, a zoo membership is the perfect gift. It will also create an entire year of memories versus just one toy. With the membership, a family can visit as often as they would like!

Museum Membership 

Nature. History. Art. Science. Children’s Activities. Museums have so much to offer! A museum membership is another way to create year-round fun and exploration. 

Waterpark Hotel Stay

Hotels are so much more than they used to be. Now, there are massive waterparks, kid and adult spas, and a variety of activities for different ages all in one place. A hotel stay for a place like Great Wolf Lodge or Kalahari will be a perfect way for families to connect with each other while having fun. 

Waterpark Passes

If a kid or family lives close to a waterpark, there may be an option only to buy the waterpark passes. This can be a cheaper option than an entire hotel stay while creating such an exciting day. 

Skating Rink Passes

Kids often remember events that are filled with laughter. Skating rink passes are a great way to bring out laughter with the entire family! Whether this is the first time or a frequent trip, skating rinks are always a nice way to spend the day together.

Cooking Classes

Cooking can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Classes can teach kids how to help out at dinner, such as safely chopping vegetables while helping families come up with new recipes. A great aspect is that one class can create many nights of family time while making and eating dinner. 

Children’s Theater Membership

If you know a child or family who enjoys theater, a membership can truly be an amazing gift. The theater is often very expensive and membership will allow the family to explore more talents together. Parents will love getting to see their child working hard while on the stage. 

Parkour Facility or Activity Place Passes 

If the kids or family love to be adventurous and active, passes to a parkour facility or activity place, such as SkyZone, will be a hit! Both are high-energy, adrenaline places that will allow a family to practice tricks together. 

Event Tickets

Event tickets will be perfect to create an entire day or evening of enjoyment. Whether purchasing for a sporting event or one such as Disney on Ice, the entire family will get to socialize together while enjoying a common interest. 

Gifting experiences creates fun for the entire family while taking away the financial stress of getting out of the house. Instead of playing with a toy for a day or two or growing out of the clothes, experiences will last a lifetime! Kids will have so much fun while parents will love seeing their smiling faces and being able to enjoy time together. 

Which one of these products do you think you will get for your child?